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Friday, July 15, 2011


GENRE: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
AUTHOR:  Mizukami Wataru
STATUS: Complete

Hoshimura Touko has always been dreaming about experiencing the same love affair that her grandfather Eikichi had been in. Everything had been just a dream until a certain not-so-fateful encounter occurred. Rokuonji Otome, the said lover of Touko's grandpa, had received an order from the supposed-to-be-dead-Eikichi to marry her grandson and Touko.

Blackmailing her with the threat of burying their village under a water dam, Touko was forced to go with her. Well, everything seems fine to Touko since she had already come up with a plan to cancel the marriage deal. But there's just one big problem... How is she supposed to deal with two fiancees'???

Since Rokuonji Otome has two grandsons, a test had been organized in order to know which one of them most deserve Touko. And so Touko's simple life had turned upside down in just one day. The twins fight against each other are just starting. With different missions to accomplish, how will Touko take it all in especially when her virginity is at stake? Who will she choose? A story about love that waits and had survived the test of time.

Friday, July 1, 2011


GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo
AUTHOR:  Fukushima Haruka
PUBLISHER: Kodansha 
STATUS: Complete

Nagasaki Rui's parents died when she was still a child. On the day of the mourning, she went out crying. At the riverside, she bump into a boy who comforted her. He told her that when her parents died they became stars. When she had gone home, she found a teddy bear on the floor with a letter addressed from Haru-san. Since then, she writes Haru-san a letter about her everyday life. 

Years passed, Rui is now a high school student who delivers newspapers as a part-time job. She is currently living alone in an apartment. But that situation is about to change when she is saved from a fire by a handsome guy. That same guy, who proposed that he live in Rui's apartment since he saved her, is actually an apprentice teacher at her school. Tachibana Eisuke is a guy who always seems to give off pheromones (at the series, Rui always calls him a pheromaniac., hehe).

Rui is very in love with Nakamura Kaoru while her bestfriend Amanatsu Tarou is secretly in love with her. After delivering newspapers, she always go straight to Tarou's apartment and catch some sleep since Tarou is her next-door neighbor, too. Tarou is bothered by this since he like her very much. Well, things go crazy when Kaoru reveals something about... just read the series to know more, hehe.

Will Rui notice Tarou's feeling for her? Will life be better living with Eisuke? Wait! whom will she fall in love with anyway? But the most important part is, how will Rui react when she learned that her most precious Haru-san is closer than what she think he is.?

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