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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


GENRE: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo
AUTHOR:  Sakurakouji Kanoko
PUBLISHER: Shogakukan
STATUS: Complete

Yamami Kousei, age 16, is the most popular boy in Private Seiryuu Academy...

What the people doesn't know that he is just a simple, country bumpkin just like his bestfriend, Kahara Kako. The two of them were born in the Heisei Era and had gone to the city to attend school. When Kyouhei was insulted because of his country fashion taste, Kako decides to produce him and turn him into the most handsome man that all the girls dream of.

And that's the start of their crazy, romantic adventure. As the story rolls, Kako suddenly finds herself in the middle of a would-be-love-triangle, but who comprises the other two sides. Find out more about this hilarious manga created by the brilliant Ichinose Kaoru.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


GENRE: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
AUTHOR:  Tooyama Ema
PUBLISHER: Kodansha 
STATUS: Ongoing
VOLUMES: 5 - Ongoing
CHAPTERS: 22 - Ongoing

Himuro Yukina is not your ordinary high school girl. At school, she is also known as "Absolute Zero Snow-woman". People tend to get scared when she looks at them, probably because of her fierce-looking eyes. Even though she never had a contact with people before except for her cousin Akira, she is a famous cell phone novelist who goes by the pen name of Yupina. She loves to observe people and her novels are always the topic of the girls at her school.

One day during class hours, she overheard some of them talking about something lacking in her novels... LOVE. Realizing that love is way beyond her imagination, she tried to find a way to learn more about it so that she can write a better novel. She even went overboard and blackmailed the most famous womanizer at their school, Kitami Shigure.

Having found out one day Shigure's secret, Yukina blackmailed him into being her partner and to teach her all about falling in love. But this game has turned into one of the most complicated love triangle ever., or is it square?! This series will make you want more. Actually, it makes you wonder why the scanlators are slow in posting them (Well., I think they lack scanners and translators of whatever language they needed as you can see in all the mangas' published., I'm right, aren't I.?)

Well, this love affair is certainly taking too long if you ask me. This is one of my favorites. Will Yukina end the game she started? Or will she get tangled within the web she spun? Amazing characters with extraordinary personalities awaits you in this manga. A love square?? Certainly mysterious, who of them makes that love square is for you to find out.

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