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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
AUTHOR:  Oouchi Natsumi
STATUS: Complete

Fly High! is a story of friends and foes, and the struggles and pains of a certain 12 year-old girl who dreams to change the school she is currently studying.

Tachibana Meru had been mistaken as a boy by her father when she was still a baby. Because of this, her father took her to a journey and taught her all the martial arts in the world. Now that she is very strong, her father had been a little bit devastated when he learned that his son is actually a daughter (.. what a stupid father., (*o-)> ).   Due to this circumstances, both of them decided to return to Tokyo.

Meru is a very optimistic, cheerful, cute yet stupid girl. When she arrived at her home in Tokyo, her mother decided to turn her into a normal human girl during spring break. She told Meru to act girly-girl and never show her real strength at school so everyone would befriend her. At the first day of classes, she met Yuuki Chiyo, who helped her untangle her hair that got caught in the bushes. They became bestfriends immediately. For Meru, it seems that highschool is very ordinary, or that's what she thought until she met the most infamous group at school. They welcomed the newcomers with fireworks inside the building where the opening ceremony is taking place. The group is famous for causing trouble to everyone and picking fight on the weak.

Even though the group is composed of three, naughty eight-graders, all of them are famous  for being outstanding students. Ayuzawa Kazuya (a.k.a. Ichiya), the leader of the group, is very good at sports and help won championships. Kasumi Uno, is a very influential, charismatic reader model. The last one, Hariya Riku, is the smartest of the group who constantly places first in the national mock exams. These three will do everything just to oppose the Student Council and chased away its president. What will Meru do if her enemy is the most influential and powerful group in the school? Will she carry out her mission to protect the student as the newly assigned Student Council President? Or will she be chased away before she carry it out? And who is this Ruka Miller, who seems to pop out in every chapter? Is she a friend or an enemy?

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


 GENRE:  Drama, Martial Arts, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
AUTHOR:  Aikawa Saki
PUBLISHER: Shogakukan
STATUS: Complete

Oresama Ou-ji is a really very interesting story you should never missed. Kasuga Sawa, first year high school student, had been forced by the captain himself to be the manager of the club she hates the most, Judo. She was good at Judo in the past but boys tend to reject her because she was so strong. Since then, she decided to hate it.

Now a manager of the Judo Club, what will she do especially when the captain, Sumikura Aoi has taken a liking to her and it seems that he know her from the past? Is he mistaken her from someone else? Or did he really know her.

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