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Friday, October 15, 2010


GENRE: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo 
AUTHOR:  Amekawa Kei, Kazato Nori, Momoki Sae
STATUS: Complete

Adarshan no Hanayome (アダルシャンの花嫁)is a very cute story whirling around the time of knights and princesses. It's kinda romantic and thrilling at the same time.

Imperial Calendar Year 503, Alexid Deke Adars was also known as Adarshan's "Black Demon" or "The God of War". He is a valiant prince who swear to protect his most beloved half-brother, King Yuuze Ricks. Although he is an illegitimate child of his father, he was treated by his half-brother as a real sibling. Because of Yuuze's weak body when he was still young, his father had brought Alexid in the kingdom one day to be a substitute for Yuuze if he died. Since then, he had grown up in the kingdom.

Adarshan, a small country where the story takes place, was conquered by a powerful Empire, Castoria. To avoid feud between the two kingdoms both families decided to sign a peace treaty. A treaty that declares a political marriage to join the families. With her brother's command, Alexid was forced to marry the sixth Imperial Princess of Castoria. Because of his obedience and respect for his brother, he didn't complain or even utter a single word. Until he learns from Fred, Alexid's close friend, that the princess he's going to marry is.. WHAT?! TEN YEARS OLD!

Well, Alexid thought that his bride-to-be is a little bit cute when he accidentally met her at the garden. He helped her down a tree where she seemed to be stuck. His views changed, anyway, when the princess learned that he is the one she's supposed to marry. Imperial Princess Justinia Elminias Ravin Dol Leira Del of Castoria (Euti, for short) had decided that he would kill him and she wouldn't let him off the hook for killing her precious knight, Nana, in the battlefield.

Will Euti be successful in carrying out her decision or will she fell in love with her husband in the process? The kingdom  is still not yet safe with the talks of a coming war and the illness of the King? What will Euti and Alexid do?

Friday, October 1, 2010


GENRE: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo 
AUTHOR:  Motomi Kyousuke
PUBLISHER: Shogakukan
STATUS: Complete

A captivating and funny story that will surely make you laugh your hearts out. Yuiko Kubozuka is an easy-going person and is well-liked by her peers. She is a 17 year-old girl who really loves animals but because of her too loving nature, animals tend to flee away from her whenever possible. One night when Yuiko was searching for their pet cat, she met a rather strange person. That person saved her cat when it climb up the tree to flee from her. She tried to approach him but as soon as she spoke, he left. A very mysterious person, indeed.

The next day at school, Yuiko was teased by her friends because of what happened to her the previous night when her cat scratched her just to get away from her. Her friends told her that if she'll treat the animals the way she treats them, the animals would like her. That day a transfer student was introduced to them. Evreyone suddenly turned silent. Yuiko was surprised that the student was the same guy she saw at the park last night.

Leo Aoi is a 17 year-old guy turning 18 who was born with sharp eyes that when someone looks at him, they get scared immediately. That was exactly what happened at the first day of school. No one tried to talk to him. Either people says some bad things behind his back, or tried to pick a fight with him because of his scary nature. But this personality didn't faze Yuiko. For saving her cat last night, Yuiko decided to go to him and thank him for what he has done. On the rooftop, she saw that Leo was playing with the birds and that made her think why other people treat him as though he were a monster when he doesn't seem like one.

When Yuiko approached him, Leo was surprised and ask her if she's not scared of him. Yuiko answered that she's not scared and because of this, Yuiko became Leo's first friend. This is the start of the friendship between the two. Later in the story, Yuiko learns that Leo's not only kind to animals but also has a very cute and childish side. A spark is starting to develop between the two even though their differences are not something you would never notice. Although Yuiko is a person who is loved by her peers, animals fled from her and Leo, who scare people away because of his looks, makes animals come to him at a flick of a hand. Weird, aren't they?

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