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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


GENRE: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo 
AUTHOR: Fukushima Haruka
STATUS: Ongoing
VOLUMES: 2 - ongoing
CHAPTERS: 4 - ongoing

The story is nice but a little bit sad. ={

What will you do if, one day, you had a fateful encounter you'll never forget and met someone that you had fallen in love with and then died the next day? Truly, it must be very depressing. This is exactly what happened to Koi Chiyoko, Chii for short.

One day, Chii was knocked down by a boy who fell down a flight of stairs. She save him and after that he gave her a piece of chocolate. The next day, he met the same boy again and she was surprised that the boy is her new classmate. Hakushima Rei was a transfer student from Tokyo and also has the same brthday as Chii and her childhood friend, Yuuto. Many things happened during that day. Rei promised Chii that he will teach her what love is. But a heart-breaking news reach her the next day. Hakushima Rei had passed away. Chii vowed that she will never love anyone but him.
One year passed after that and Chii with her friend, Yuuto had come to Tokyo to study. The day feels ordinary until she met a boy from the school. Chii was running late for the entrance ceremony when she met a boy who looks like Rei. She believed that Rei was alive until she learns that, that person has a different personality from Rei.  Takatori Miki played a prank on Chii, ripping Rei's memento in the process.

What will she do? Will she fall in love with Miki ? Will Yuuto confesses his feelings for her? What will Chii do when she learns that her roommate, Riko, is Miki's girlfriend? There are so many questions that needed answers! But the most important of it all... Is Hakushima Rei really dead?!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


GENRE: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo 
AUTHOR: Fukushima Haruka
STATUS: Complete

A cute story indeed. AAA [Triple A] (トリプルエー, AAA toripurue) is about a 2nd-year middle schooler, Ogata Aoi. She is currently the Student Council President of their school, AAA, which is the most prestigious and famous school in Japan. Ogata Aoi is well-known at AAA for being the top student of their school.

Way back to the days when she she had taken her entrance examination at AAA, she lost her only pencil. Since there's no more time to buy another one, a boy in the class lend her one. Written in the pencil he lend her was his name, Kuroda Hayato. Since then, Hayato became Aoi's first love. For Aoi, Hayato is the true AAA since he has the highest rank in the examination but when she attended the entrance ceremony, she found out that Hayato did not apply at that school. And since she got the next second rank she have to represent the first year class.

The story starts with Aoi stoppping a fight of the students from the school "CCC". "CCC" (lowest level ) is a school known for delinquents and gangs and that same school is just beside AAA. During the fight, she meets a boy who looks a lot like his first love and has the same name. She later finds out that the boy is the gang leader of "CCC". Is this just a coincidence or is it that Aoi's first love is just close by? What will happen when that same boy took the pencil from and says that it's his. Many things will happen, especially when Aoi was blackmailed into being his slave and was forced to wear a boy's uniform to sneak out into the neighboring school to do his bidding.

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