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Sunday, August 15, 2010


GENRE: Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Shoujo 
AUTHOR: Kurahashi Erika
STATUS: Complete

A SECRET?! This has got to be big.,

15-year-old Mizuki Sara is currently studying at Toua Art School, a school that specializes in arts and culture and where everyone who wants to be mangakas, like Madoka (Sara's close friend) and enki singer, like Ryuusei.

She is the alter-ego of the most famous and sensational singer "Sala", who's gender is not for the public to know. Her friends always has a slight suspicion about her close resemblance with the famous singer. The truth is Sara was forced to sing when her father decided to endorse their company (that's what I think). But as time passes by, she learned to love her singing career.

The story starts with "Sala" singing and had been the recent talk between teenagers and the like. This is where they reveal that Sara has been a No. 1 fan of the group "The Rise", where the lead singer, Hayase Shidou, is also her classmate. Both of them had been late going to class at one time, so they talk a while outside the door of their classroom. She learned that Hayase likes the way "Sala" sings, he also saw the her resemblance to the famous singer.

Sara's with Hayase when she caught her boyfriend cheating on her. She was insulted and dumped shamelessly when her boyfriend told her that she bore a resemblance with the singer "Sala" but totally different from her. Hayase Shidou has witnessed the event and gets revenge for her by revealing her boyfriend's secret on air (there was an ongoing tour about Hayase's school life). This action seems to bring them closer than ever especially when fate decides to interfere. It seems that there will be an upcoming project for both "Sala" and Hayase Shidou, but that's not all! There's an ongoing talk about a kiss! What the hell is happening? Will the relationship between the two be allowed by Sara's mother who is "Sala"'s producer and Co-President of Star Studios? Is it even possible? It's a fact that the true identity of "Sala" cannot be revealed, especially not to the lead singer of her main rival "The Rise".

Sunday, August 1, 2010


GENRE: Romance, Comedy, School Life, Shoujo
AUTHOR: Fukushima Haruka
STATUS: Complete

Cherry Juice (チェリージュース) is about step-siblings Otome Hasaki (羽崎 乙女) and Minami Hasaki (羽崎 南). They have been step-siblings for almost five years and are sleeping in different rooms. When they suddenly have to share rooms because their grandmother decided to stay to recover from a surgery, things started to change.

Sharing rooms is certainly a bother for the two of them. They decided to divide the room with a curtain sheet hanging from the ceiling between the bed where Otome sleeps and the futon on the floor where Minami is sleeping. But morning always comes with a certain attack of surprises. Either Otome falls down from the bed half-dressed while sleeping or Minami knocking down the sheet while Otome isn't there and rifling through her things.

The relationship between the two took a very confusing U-turn when Amane Noda (野田 周),  the captain of the kendo team, kisses Otome and confesses his love for her. Both of them started dating but a very awkward love triangle is beginning to form. Minami has started to like his step-sister and so is Otome. What will they do? Will Otome and Minami hide their feelings from each other? Or will they face it confidently? This story is about the love lives of the step-siblings who are supposedly in love with other people or is it just a facade for their love for each other?

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