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Sunday, May 15, 2011


GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
AUTHOR:  Mitsuki Miko
PUBLISHER: Shogakukan
STATUS: Complete

Misaki Sumire is a cheerful girl. She loves to eat sweet foods just like her mother. Recently, her family moved to the town where her mother and father had met and fallen in love. Her mother told her that this will also be the place where Sumire will find her other half. 

New Year's Day, while walking along the snow-covered streets, Sumire heard someone call "Young Master" and that's when she saw a guy jumping from the wall. Just a second after that, they crashed into each other. Hours passed, Sumire went to visit the school she's transferring to. Looking daze while thinking about the guy she met earlier, she notice someone lying on the snow at the other side of the gate. She immediately climb the gate and realized that, that person was the same guy before. Thinking that he is dead, she quickly called the ambulance.

But as you know, the guy was just sleeping. Miyamoto Kazuki was surprised when he realized that the girl in front of him is crying. He apologized and then took her out to visit the shrine, after running away from the ambulance. That night, Kazuki gave Sumire a violet hairpin. After going home, Sumire decided to return the hairpin to the guy so she went out to find him. She went to the house where she saw the guy before and was mesmerized by what she saw. At exact 12 of the New Year, she had fallen in love with him.

A nice story about love's sacrifices and pains.

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