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Sunday, May 1, 2011


GENRE: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural
AUTHOR:  Lee Yun Hee
PUBLISHER: Sigongsa (Vols 1-7)
                   Seoul Cultural (Vols 8-13)
STATUS: Complete

Set in the world where angels and demons exist is where the story of this Korean Manhwa, Angel Diary (for short!), takes place. Due to a certain peace treaty, our protagonist , the only Princess Hwang Chun-Yoo, is forced to run away from home. Heaven, that is. The said treaty declares that the Princess of Heaven is to marry the King of Hell. Because of these unfortunate circumstances, Chun-Yoo has gone down to Earth to hide. She pretended to be a boy with the help of Queen Hong and the other two guardians, Ee-jung and Ah-Hin.

The Princess of Heaven has her own protectors, the Four Guardians. These so-called Four Guardians are Red Phoenix, White Tiger, Blue Dragon, and Black Turtle. They are ordered to find the princess and bring her back to Heaven. But the two of them are currently helping in hiding her as ordered by Queen Hong.

Two years had passed since Princess Chun-Yoo has run away from home. On Earth, she is known as Dong-young. Her friend Jin Bi-wal, whom she met at school the time she went down to Earth, had been very close to her. They are often mistaken as "lovers" because of Bi-wal, who always likes to grope him. Her days had been normal and no one has yet found out her true identity until she met the other two guardians.

Things started to heat up when Black Turtle and Bi-wal found out that she is a girl especially when a certain spellcaster revealed Dong-young's true identity as the Princess. What will happen when her secret is revealed? Will she be sent back to heaven? Even so, why is Bi-wal acting weird? Is he really the person Dong-young thought him to be? Or is he exactly the reason why all of this is happening? A masterpiece with an excellent plot and characters that will make you laugh your hearts out. Be sure you don't missed this unbelievable series to find out if a wedding will occur! =}

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