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Saturday, May 15, 2010


GENRE: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural
AUTHOR:  Asahina Yuuya
STATUS: Complete

Love Luck (ラブラック) is a story about a girl whose been duped by twins. Suzuki Nero is in love with Kurokawa Yamato. According to her horoscope (she loves horoscopes., always follow them), the time has come for her to confess her feelings. She decided to do it the next day. The next morning, right after she had gotten to her class, she was told by her classmates that Kurokawa Yamato is now in the hospital after being hit by a car. Strangely enough, Kurokawa Dan was also with him.

After hearing the news, she immediately went to the hospital. Seeing that Yamato is doing fine already, she decided to confess. After hearing Nero's confession, Yamato laughed. He told her that he is, actually, Dan pretending to be Yamato and that the they were twins! Never in her whole life did Nero experienced this so much confusion especially when she always have the thought of, also, being in love with Dan. Kurokawa Dan, the one whom she always gets in a fight with and the one who never gets tired of relentlessly teasing her.

What will become of Nero's love? How will face the fact that the one you love is pretending to be someone else especially when he's pretending to be the person you hated?? I'm confused!!

One Manga -

Saturday, May 1, 2010


GENRE: Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural 
AUTHOR:  Hibiki Wataru
PUBLISHER: Hakusensha 
STATUS: Complete

Hanatsuki Hime (花月姫) is an unforgettable story of an impossible love between two people that are never meant to be together. It is a sad, for the most part, yet very captivating at the same time. You never can tell what may happen during the story. For me, it is high-class manga writing.

Lys, a wandering dancer, was born with no heartbeat at all. In order for her to live, her mother made a contract with a great devil. The devil will lend his heart to the baby for sixteen years. After that, he will come to find her and take his heart back.

As a child, Lys was locked in a dark tower. She was badly treated because she is a "hanatsuki", a human with a devil's heart. The flower drawn on her chest is a mark that she is one. One night, when she had escaped the tower, she saw a man in front of her. She was captivated by his looks in the moonlight. That same man was the one who took good care of her until now. That man is Siva. Since Lys was but a child, Siva had been the one to look after her. He had always been with her while they wander the world to look for Lys' devil.

Everywhere they went, they would be immediately sent away. One or two persons would know that Lys' is a "hanatsuki". People thought of them as cursed and would only bring bad luck for those who interacts with them. Although this happens many times, Lys' is still proud of the symbol drawn on her chest. It is a mark that she is now living and because of that she is thankful of the heart she borrowed.

But things are starting to heat up. Lys is already fifteen-years old and is nearing the deadline of the contract. Siva, the most important person for Lys, is not what she thought he is. Will Lys be able to find her devil and ask for a longer life or will she be returning the heart that she borrowed? And what if that demon has been with her for 16 years, will it be able to take back his heart so easily? Be sure to find out more about their story and be confused with the bunch of twist and surprises waiting for them. Be mesmerized with the beauty of a girl who once lived with a splendid flower blooming upon her chest.

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