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Monday, August 1, 2011


GENRE: Action, Comedy, Romance, School  Life, Shoujo
AUTHOR:  Takagi Shigeyoshi
PUBLISHER: Hakusensha
STATUS: Complete

Kunimi Riko is a high school girl who is trying hard to be normal, even though she's not very successful in doing that. Since the day she confessed to her crush and got rejected, she was convince that no one in their right minds would date her because of her extraordinary flexibility and strength.

One day, during their break at school, their class was suddenly interrupted just like a storm. Actually, it was cause by a certain person, Tachibana Ran. The 17-year-old heir of the Tachibana Family which is one of the wealthiest family in the world and he had come to take her life just like he said as he aim a gun (it's just fake., you know) on her. Scared of the thought of dying, she kicked him but he was able to avoid it. After that, he laughed. It seems that everything was just a facade. Ran's true intention of coming to their class is not to kill her but to marry her, whether she likes it or not.

Tachibana followed her everywhere she went and asks her to go with him in the process. Being treated as a stranger, he told her that they had already met two months ago.. in an accident. Someone removed the brakes from Tachibana's car and as they were close to hitting some kids, they were saved by Riko who stop the car by making it hit the post instead. That was the time when he fell in love with her immediately.

The chase goes on and on until Tachibana ended up in studying at her school in the very same class. But will class be normal with an heir around?  Or will it be a heck of a trouble? Follow this cat-and-mouse love chase of Riko and Ran as they ran all over the globe to be with one another.

Friday, July 15, 2011


GENRE: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
AUTHOR:  Mizukami Wataru
STATUS: Complete

Hoshimura Touko has always been dreaming about experiencing the same love affair that her grandfather Eikichi had been in. Everything had been just a dream until a certain not-so-fateful encounter occurred. Rokuonji Otome, the said lover of Touko's grandpa, had received an order from the supposed-to-be-dead-Eikichi to marry her grandson and Touko.

Blackmailing her with the threat of burying their village under a water dam, Touko was forced to go with her. Well, everything seems fine to Touko since she had already come up with a plan to cancel the marriage deal. But there's just one big problem... How is she supposed to deal with two fiancees'???

Since Rokuonji Otome has two grandsons, a test had been organized in order to know which one of them most deserve Touko. And so Touko's simple life had turned upside down in just one day. The twins fight against each other are just starting. With different missions to accomplish, how will Touko take it all in especially when her virginity is at stake? Who will she choose? A story about love that waits and had survived the test of time.

Friday, July 1, 2011


GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo
AUTHOR:  Fukushima Haruka
PUBLISHER: Kodansha 
STATUS: Complete

Nagasaki Rui's parents died when she was still a child. On the day of the mourning, she went out crying. At the riverside, she bump into a boy who comforted her. He told her that when her parents died they became stars. When she had gone home, she found a teddy bear on the floor with a letter addressed from Haru-san. Since then, she writes Haru-san a letter about her everyday life. 

Years passed, Rui is now a high school student who delivers newspapers as a part-time job. She is currently living alone in an apartment. But that situation is about to change when she is saved from a fire by a handsome guy. That same guy, who proposed that he live in Rui's apartment since he saved her, is actually an apprentice teacher at her school. Tachibana Eisuke is a guy who always seems to give off pheromones (at the series, Rui always calls him a pheromaniac., hehe).

Rui is very in love with Nakamura Kaoru while her bestfriend Amanatsu Tarou is secretly in love with her. After delivering newspapers, she always go straight to Tarou's apartment and catch some sleep since Tarou is her next-door neighbor, too. Tarou is bothered by this since he like her very much. Well, things go crazy when Kaoru reveals something about... just read the series to know more, hehe.

Will Rui notice Tarou's feeling for her? Will life be better living with Eisuke? Wait! whom will she fall in love with anyway? But the most important part is, how will Rui react when she learned that her most precious Haru-san is closer than what she think he is.?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


GENRE: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo
AUTHOR:  Sakurakouji Kanoko
PUBLISHER: Shogakukan
STATUS: Complete

Yamami Kousei, age 16, is the most popular boy in Private Seiryuu Academy...

What the people doesn't know that he is just a simple, country bumpkin just like his bestfriend, Kahara Kako. The two of them were born in the Heisei Era and had gone to the city to attend school. When Kyouhei was insulted because of his country fashion taste, Kako decides to produce him and turn him into the most handsome man that all the girls dream of.

And that's the start of their crazy, romantic adventure. As the story rolls, Kako suddenly finds herself in the middle of a would-be-love-triangle, but who comprises the other two sides. Find out more about this hilarious manga created by the brilliant Ichinose Kaoru.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


GENRE: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
AUTHOR:  Tooyama Ema
PUBLISHER: Kodansha 
STATUS: Ongoing
VOLUMES: 5 - Ongoing
CHAPTERS: 22 - Ongoing

Himuro Yukina is not your ordinary high school girl. At school, she is also known as "Absolute Zero Snow-woman". People tend to get scared when she looks at them, probably because of her fierce-looking eyes. Even though she never had a contact with people before except for her cousin Akira, she is a famous cell phone novelist who goes by the pen name of Yupina. She loves to observe people and her novels are always the topic of the girls at her school.

One day during class hours, she overheard some of them talking about something lacking in her novels... LOVE. Realizing that love is way beyond her imagination, she tried to find a way to learn more about it so that she can write a better novel. She even went overboard and blackmailed the most famous womanizer at their school, Kitami Shigure.

Having found out one day Shigure's secret, Yukina blackmailed him into being her partner and to teach her all about falling in love. But this game has turned into one of the most complicated love triangle ever., or is it square?! This series will make you want more. Actually, it makes you wonder why the scanlators are slow in posting them (Well., I think they lack scanners and translators of whatever language they needed as you can see in all the mangas' published., I'm right, aren't I.?)

Well, this love affair is certainly taking too long if you ask me. This is one of my favorites. Will Yukina end the game she started? Or will she get tangled within the web she spun? Amazing characters with extraordinary personalities awaits you in this manga. A love square?? Certainly mysterious, who of them makes that love square is for you to find out.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
AUTHOR:  Mitsuki Miko
PUBLISHER: Shogakukan
STATUS: Complete

Misaki Sumire is a cheerful girl. She loves to eat sweet foods just like her mother. Recently, her family moved to the town where her mother and father had met and fallen in love. Her mother told her that this will also be the place where Sumire will find her other half. 

New Year's Day, while walking along the snow-covered streets, Sumire heard someone call "Young Master" and that's when she saw a guy jumping from the wall. Just a second after that, they crashed into each other. Hours passed, Sumire went to visit the school she's transferring to. Looking daze while thinking about the guy she met earlier, she notice someone lying on the snow at the other side of the gate. She immediately climb the gate and realized that, that person was the same guy before. Thinking that he is dead, she quickly called the ambulance.

But as you know, the guy was just sleeping. Miyamoto Kazuki was surprised when he realized that the girl in front of him is crying. He apologized and then took her out to visit the shrine, after running away from the ambulance. That night, Kazuki gave Sumire a violet hairpin. After going home, Sumire decided to return the hairpin to the guy so she went out to find him. She went to the house where she saw the guy before and was mesmerized by what she saw. At exact 12 of the New Year, she had fallen in love with him.

A nice story about love's sacrifices and pains.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011


GENRE: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural
AUTHOR:  Lee Yun Hee
PUBLISHER: Sigongsa (Vols 1-7)
                   Seoul Cultural (Vols 8-13)
STATUS: Complete

Set in the world where angels and demons exist is where the story of this Korean Manhwa, Angel Diary (for short!), takes place. Due to a certain peace treaty, our protagonist , the only Princess Hwang Chun-Yoo, is forced to run away from home. Heaven, that is. The said treaty declares that the Princess of Heaven is to marry the King of Hell. Because of these unfortunate circumstances, Chun-Yoo has gone down to Earth to hide. She pretended to be a boy with the help of Queen Hong and the other two guardians, Ee-jung and Ah-Hin.

The Princess of Heaven has her own protectors, the Four Guardians. These so-called Four Guardians are Red Phoenix, White Tiger, Blue Dragon, and Black Turtle. They are ordered to find the princess and bring her back to Heaven. But the two of them are currently helping in hiding her as ordered by Queen Hong.

Two years had passed since Princess Chun-Yoo has run away from home. On Earth, she is known as Dong-young. Her friend Jin Bi-wal, whom she met at school the time she went down to Earth, had been very close to her. They are often mistaken as "lovers" because of Bi-wal, who always likes to grope him. Her days had been normal and no one has yet found out her true identity until she met the other two guardians.

Things started to heat up when Black Turtle and Bi-wal found out that she is a girl especially when a certain spellcaster revealed Dong-young's true identity as the Princess. What will happen when her secret is revealed? Will she be sent back to heaven? Even so, why is Bi-wal acting weird? Is he really the person Dong-young thought him to be? Or is he exactly the reason why all of this is happening? A masterpiece with an excellent plot and characters that will make you laugh your hearts out. Be sure you don't missed this unbelievable series to find out if a wedding will occur! =}

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